Real Estate Culture

We’re focused on collaboration and community, because we believe working together is what creates the best outcomes. Many real estate groups and brokerages claim to be a “team”, but KW is more than a bunch of high-achieving professionals under one brand—we’re a family of like-minded, top-performing industry leaders who believe in a common goal for the common good.

There’s a reason why Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world. Our culture is about empowering agents to be the creative thinkers and true entrepreneurs they are. We encourage individuality, innovation, and independence—all while providing 360° support.

The KW Belief System: WI4C2TES

It might not easily roll off the tongue, but WI4C2TS is our fundamental ethos. Everyone at our brokerage—from leadership to admin and agents—embodies the principles of this belief system.

Win-Win: Or no deal

Our goal is always to engage in real estate for the benefit of everyone involved. You can never find success at the expense of another. Win-win, or no deal.

Integrity: Do the right thing

Real estate agents are in the business of helping people. The only way to do this is to do it the right way, each time, every time.

Commitment: In all things

We believe in strict follow-through. Our philosophy is based on building lifelong relationships with community members, colleagues, and clients.

Communication: Seek first to understand

Making the effort to understand where people are coming from—and where they’re going—leads to success in all areas of life, including your real estate career.

Creativity: Ideas before results

Why follow outdated business models? There is always a way to “improve” a system. We believe in cultivating and sharing new and original ideas.

Customers: Always come first

This is never a “property” or “profit” business. Real estate is 100% a people business.

Trust: Starts with honesty

Honesty can weather any storm.

Teamwork: Together everyone achieves more

When you join Keller Williams, you never have to go at it alone. There are many willing colleagues who want to help you on your journey.

Equity: Opportunity for all

Keller Williams is dedicated to creating equal opportunities for every agent, and it’s a place where differences are celebrated.

Success: Results through people

It’s the people in your life and in your business that make you successful. To be great, surround yourself with greatness—which is exactly what you have with KW.

Keller Williams is where entrepreneurs thrive.