Our Inspiration
For Innovation

Our goal as a brokerage is to give every agent the tools to create their business, their way. KW Command is our answer to the obstacles real estate professionals face every day. We developed this technology to be intuitive so you feel supported and empowered to do more—and earn more. Keller Williams has invested billions to build a sophisticated, end-to-end platform and support system that acts as your own personal assistant, so you can scale your business on your terms.

Purchasing technology to add to a business is one way to elevate, but creating your own is true innovation. That’s what we do at Keller Williams.

How KW Command Works For You

KW Command is a suite of interconnected tools that help you connect with your clients in a targeted and meaningful way, supporting you from lead to close—and beyond—helping you build lifetime connections. Built hand-in-hand with agents, Command is designed to be used by agents just like you, putting you in control of your database, your business, your marketing, your brand, and your future.

With KW Command, you can:

  • Have true control over every aspect of your deals, with everything in one place
  • Access the right tools and systems to operate your business at the highest level
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with each and every client
  • Put clients at ease with a seamless experience
  • Be more present in client relationships

“With KW’s amazing CRM, I've been able to organize my business to provide a better client experience and create a more profitable organization for me and my colleagues. Without it I would be lost and am so grateful for its power!”

Dan Kiekens

The New Standard

With KW Command, we’re redefining what real estate business looks like, and what client care feels like.

Command Your Lead Generation

Simplify ads through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, email, and more.

The first of its kind, this intelligent, cross-channel marketing automation uses analytics, user insights, and MLS data to improve and suggest how you should advertise your business in the future.

Command Your Database

Do what you do best, and automate the rest.

Easily tag and organize your contacts for timely, automated follow-up and lead generation, then use SmartPlans to design specific (automatic) communication plans for contacts. You can rest easy, knowing that Command is hard at work, even when you’re not. SmartPlans lets you save your energy for what’s most important.

Command Your Referrals

It’s time to think of yourself as a world-wide agent.

With over 200,000 agents globally, your referral options are endless. Join the largest referral platform in the world and build your network, send and receive referrals, view major relocation patterns, and much more.

Command Your Consumer Experience

Keep your client data where it belongs—with you.

As insights are generated by client search activity and logged within each contact record, you can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your leads, contacts, and entire SOI.

Command Your Day

View your day and keep track of your goals in one glance.

Set specific goals around listings, commissions, and profit. Then, turn your to-do list into action items by creating contact-specific tasks that are visible across Command.

Command Your Network

Create a lucrative referral business with ease and transparency.

Tap into one of the largest, most-profitable real estate networks on the planet. Connect with KW professionals to find trusted referral partners, negotiate, and arrange specifics while keeping your finger on the pulse of every deal. KW’s worldwide presence spans three dozen regions outside the US and Canada… with many more to come!

Command Your Marketing

Deliver leads directly to your pipeline with an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy.

Choose from a library of hundreds of ready-made templates to easily customize beautiful, branded assets. Using real-time market data, you can launch dynamic campaigns featuring your designs, then optimize with reporting and analytics.

Command Your Training

Easily access the resources you need, any time.

Find thousands of hours of video and audio training resources, complete courses and documents, and access to training calendars for KW offices all around the world through KW Command.

Keller Williams is about putting you in control. Our industry-leading technology is designed for modern agents who are ready to take their careers to the next level.

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