Wealth Building

The KW wealth building platform was created so our associates can actively participate in building our company while reaping the financial rewards. We believe our associates should be treated like stakeholders, that’s why we created the Profit Share system. We split every KW Market Center’s profits between the owners who took the risk and the associates who helped the Market Center grow.

Since 1986, over $1.5 billion (and counting) in profit share has been distributed within KW.

We know that agents can’t be producers forever, so KW developed a way for its associates to build long-term wealth through passive income: the Profit Share system. A financial tool to support our colleagues for life.

Profit Share at KW is intentionally simple—it’s exactly what it sounds like. Here’s how it works:

  • When an agent who hasn’t yet reached their cap closes a deal, a portion of their personal return from that deal is paid to their market centre.
  • Once the market centre pays operating costs, a portion of the remaining profit is paid to KW associates.

No fine print, no catch. Just straightforward, sustainable wealth building.

“KW provides everyone with multiple ways to grow their income (ie. training for buying investment properties, participating in Profit Share, multiple career path options, ownership possibilities, etc). KW encourages building multiple “silos” of both passive and active income streams to help agents become more diversified in their wealth building.”

Carlo Sconza

Stand-out Support

You won’t find hands-on, full-service agent support like this anywhere else. Our agents are supported by:

  • KW Command: our powerful cloud-based platform allowing you to control every aspect of your business, from lead generation right through deal closing, and beyond.
  • KW Connect: a free online resource for our agents complete with courses, videos, audio files and documents. You get hundreds of hours of education at your fingertips.
  • Culture: an incredible team atmosphere with a focus on sharing knowledge and resources—and giving back to our communities.
  • Associate Leadership Council: creating unique leadership opportunities for our top agents.
  • Intensive Productivity Coaching and Business Building Courses.
  • Opportunities to create multiple streams of income.
  • Leadership Academy and training.

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